Our History

How we became a leading provider of high quality customer service and inbound call center services

Our company's history began more than 8 years ago with the idea of principal founder Antonio Beattie and his colleague, Riickeema Potter, who saw a need for supporting businesses of all kinds through providing them with high -quality customer support services. Throughout history we have built countless business and helped them connect to the masses through the services we provide online and offline advertising, project management, ecommerce and inbound customer service.


The Founding of Veritacall, First Achievement

The Veritacall Communication LLC began with the creation of the company’s first department, which was initially designed to provide customer support for small businesses in the USA, Canada and UK to bring jobs to individuals that would like to work from home and be there own boss. We partnered with a call center industry leader Arise, saw a need for structured processes and measurements to ensure operations delivered consistently high performance. This collaboration developed what is now called the Veritacall LLC — An comprehensive performance management system for small businesses and providing operations through a work-at-home customer service provider for many Fortune 500 Businesses.


Extending the Range of Provided Services and Solutions

Our goal is to become a thought leader within the call center industry and began offering training and consulting services to help our contract call center agents improve their operational performance. Veritacall also expanded its reach to not just outsourced providers of call center services as well as vendor management organizations (Amazon, Intuit, Philly Dollar and Hellosign) that procure and manage these third-party services. But our greatest success in 2018 was the implementation of outbound services through Arise.

My job is to help people like you find work and financial freedom by providing call center solutions for our clients’ needs.

Antonio Beattie


Call Center Management, Monitoring, and Call Assessment Solutions Certificate

Call Forecasting & Scheduling Certificate: Planning Future Call Center Performance

How much money can I make weekly?
VeritaCall pays every two weeks. The jobs you can select to work range from $11 hr. up to $20 hr. plus bonus. Working fulltime can average over $1000 every two weeks and over $2000 a month.
See how you get paid.
What equipment should I use?
If you are looking for equipment that meets the Arise Technical Requirements than I recommend you to visit our products page. We are working on updating the products as much as possible while keeping them at the lowest price imaginable.
Products page.
What positions are available?
The type of work you will be doing from your virtual home office as a Virtual Home Agent, is receive and service "inbound" customer services and support calls for major companies. Online training and certification opportunities will be available through our client.
Who decides the project I want to work?
You do! Our clients will post "opportunities" and you will then express interest in the one that you feel fits your needs. You decide which clients you wish to service by completing the required online certification training

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100% focused on helping people like you achieve their financial goals

01. Great money

Work as many hours you can schedule. Many of the jobs provide 24 hr. service. We have some reps that make over $1500 every two weeks working fulltime...

02. Convenient

Work from home. No need to spend money on transportation. No boss. Work on your schedule time. No taxes are deducted.

03. Easy to do

No pressure and you decide when, where, and who you service. We train you so you can be experience to do the job with ease.